LINE6 Sonic Port VX

Sonic Port VX 移动录音室



Record amazing tracks anywhere.

With Sonic Port™ VX, it’s finally possible to record complete songs anywhere inspiration strikes. The guitar/bass input features 120dB of dynamic range for incomparable tone and best-in-class dynamics. A stereo line input lets you record keys, drum machines, DJ mixers and other sources. Zero-latency monitoring means you can record without distraction. And with professional-level 1/4” stereo outputs, you can easily connect studio monitors and perfect your mixes. With Sonic Port VX, the world is your studio.


Bonavox using Line 6 Sonic Port VX audio recording interface for mobile recording on iOS



Record studio-quality vocals, instruments and stereo sources.

Sonic Port VX brings three built-in professional condenser microphones to the party. Matched stereo mics let you record live performances with remarkable clarity. The mono front-facing mic is perfect for capturing the raw energy of your songwriting sessions. Track guitars in the green room, drums in your rehearsal space and vocals in the living room—and make every demo worthy of being the final take. Inspiration can strike anytime, so capture it wherever you are with Sonic Port VX.

 Bonavox singing into Line 6 Sonic Port VX audio recording interface



Keep your mind on the music, not the machine.

With seamless compatibility on iOS, Mac® and PC, Sonic Port VX gives you the power to create on any device, at any location. Sneak into a cathedral and record soaring vocals right to your iPad®. Track thundering drums in a stairwell. Then add additional tracks and fine-tune the mix in your home studio. Sonic Port VX includes a Lightning cable connection so you can use your iOS device along with Mobile POD®, GarageBand®, and other Core Audio music apps to easily record complete songs, without restrictions.

 Mobile POD guitar and effects modeling app for iOS


Line 6 SonicPort VX Mobile Recording Interface Features:
  • Multitrack recording - anywhere, anytime
  • Built-in stereo and mono condenser mics with high-quality mic preamps and gain control for great audio
  • Stereo line input for tracking keys, drum machines, and other sources
  • 24-bit/48kHz for superior audio quality
  • 120dB high dynamic range guitar input handles most instruments
  • Direct monitor switch enables zero-latency monitoring
  • Seamless compatibility with iOS, Mac, and PC with the included cables
  • Free Mobile POD app provides legendary POD guitar tones
  • USB power supply connection charges your iOS device, even while you're recording
  • Mic stand mounting hardware is included


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