Guangzhou Digital Music Element Co., Ltd., abbreviated as Digime, is a subsidiary of the Longjoin Group. It is located in Panyu, Guangdong, the birthplace of China's audio industry and the former residence of Chinese People's Musician Xian Xinghai.

Digime was founded on August 8, 2008. At the beginning, it was mainly engaged in the business of personal music equipment, such as recording microphones, professional sound cards, etc. After five years of development, a good foundation has been laid for personal music equipment services.

In 2014, Digime ushered in a most important opportunity in its development process and officially became one of subsidiaries of Longjoin Group, specializing in the sales of music equipment. With Longjoin Group’s guidance and assistance, Digime has upgraded from personal music equipment services to channel services, corporate services, industrial services, etc., and has obtained agency rights for many world-renowned brands, forming a sales system with much more extensive business and much better services.

With more than 10 years of unremitting efforts, Digime has been successively becoming the exclusive sales agent in China for many world-renowned brands in the field of music equipment, such as ARTURIA, AUDIENT, SAMSON, AIAIAI, WASHBURN, RANDALL, as well as obtained MIDIPLUS's general agent operation rights in China. Authorized sales products cover acoustic/electric guitar, guitar/bass speakers, monitor speakers, headphones, professional sound cards, MIDI keyboards and other professional music equipment, as well as civil music equipment such as electronic organ and electric blowpipe.

Digime team has always been adhering to the concept of providing quality service to customers, and has developed cooperative relationships with more than 500 dealers and customers to provide excellent music equipment and services, which has won consistent affirmation and good reputation of many partners.


We are a young and energetic team . The average age of us is less than 30 years old. We get together because we love music .We are pleased to provide you a more professional, attentive service. In 2012,Guangzhou Digital Music Element company claim to attend in the Electronic Commerce market. With the help of the internet , we are sure that we will show you the convenience of Online shopping and the 100% authentic equipment.

In the future, we will keep working closely with digital audio market, to bring you musicians and music lovers the most advanced technology and services . Meanwhile,to help more and more musicians in China ,we will also bring the international price of synchronous to China's users too.


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