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Hartke VX115 —— 1 x 15英寸贝斯箱体

HARTKE VX115 贝斯音箱箱体


VX115 贝斯音箱箱体


HARTKE VX115 贝斯音箱箱体


The new VX "Very Extreme" Series bass reflex cabinets were designed for bassists who demand excellent tone but prefer traditional paper cone drivers. These warm, punchy enclosures feature proprietary drivers with specially treated cones, impregnated fabric surrounds, matched convex dust caps all mounted in heavy steel frames. The high efficiency low moving mass design allows for maximum output and plenty of headroom throughout the full range of the driver. Rounding out the tone, each cabinet has a proprietary design horn loaded high frequency transducer.Using Heavy-duty plywood construction, the rugged carpet covered cabinet has strong protective corners, ergonomic handles and a recessed jack cup protecting its two 1/4" inputs.The VX115, handling 300 watts, features a 15" low frequency driver and the high frequency transducer.


HARTKE VX115 贝斯音箱箱体





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